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Stoneware Long Serving Platter | Dadasi

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''Just as it appears, a perfect addition to my boutique! '' - Glenda (Retailer, Calgary, Canada) ★★★★★ There is no better way to serve food on your table than our Long Serving Platter. Our platter is hand-made by local artisans which makes each platter we have a unique piece with its own hand-crafted curves but they are all similar in their gorgeousness. Dimensions: 48 x 33 x 4.5 cm / 18.9 x 13 x 1.8" 3 kg | 6,6 lbs Specifications: Food safe Microwave and dishwasher safe Handmade Material: Enameled stoneware Completely free of toxic heavy metals (like cadmium and lead) and carcinogens found in other, less robust, ceramic forms. Disclaimer: Our products are handmade by ceramists, one at the time. As such, they're all unique in their own ways and you might spot a small finger print on the base, or the imprint of the grid onto which they were placed when fired. Please note that these are the mark of true craftsmanship. Use & Care for ustensiles marks: